On Wed, 30 Aug 2006 15:50:24 +0200 Thomas wrote:
TA> Frank wrote:
TA> > i have a freebsd 6.1 SMP amd64 box running net-snmp 5.3.1 that i'm
TA> > polling with OpenNMS. when trying to poll this box, i get this error:
TA> [...]
TA> > it was reported in bug:
TA> > http://bugzilla.opennms.org/cgi-bin/...ug.cgi?id=1316
TA> >
TA> > and looks like it might be related to bug:
TA> > https://sourceforge.net/tracker/inde...94&atid=112694

That is the issue, but apparently it was only fixed for Linux, and not other
platforms. It has been fixed in CVS main, and there is an official patch for
5.3.1 at:


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