On 31/08/06, Mike Varley wrote:
> Don't you hate it when people withhold information?

a) You might say that - I couldn't possibly comment
b) You get used to it after two or three years on the list :-(

> So here is a more accurate sample of the output:
> id(index1) num(index2) ipaddress someotherinfo
> 095 2 klm
> DE8 ? ?

Hmmm.... so the '?' appears in one of the index columns as well.
Are these indexes accessible or not?

If they are, then the original analysis probably still stands.
If not, then I'd need to have another look at the code (which is
unlikely to be before the weekend, I'm afraid).

> So, as you can see, our secondary index is one of those 'gaps' -- we did
> a test to see what happens if you perform a GETNEXT and provide
> (a) just the 1st index (index1), or
> (b) a secondary index (index1.index2) that is valid but non-existant,

No - that's not quite what I meant. Sorry, I wasn't clear enough.
Try a single GETNEXT request, containing two (valid) OIDs from the
previous row of the table - one referring to the instance immediately
above one of the '?'s and one referring to the instance immediately
above a valid value in that row.
What do the results of that GETNEXT look like? In particular, do
the instance subidentifiers of the two OIDs returned match each other?
Normally, a GETNEXT of two instances should walk through the table in
step with each other - returning matching instance subidentifiers each
time. The '?'-style output would normally arise if these two got out
of sync.

> By 'gaps' do you mean the MIB code is replying with NULL? Or just an
> incosistant value?

No - they'd be perfectly reasonable values returned. Just not
referring to the same row.
For example:

GETNEXT myCol myLoc
RESPONSE myCol.1 myLoc.1
GETNEXT myCol.1 myLoc.1
RESPONSE myCol.2 myLoc.2
GETNEXT myCol.2 myLoc.2
RESPONSE myCol.3 myLoc.5

That last response would result in a '?' being displayed for the
"myLoc" column in row #3. OK?


PS: I may not respond for a couple of days - away visiting friends.
I'll pick up on any unfinished business when I get back.

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