On 31/08/06, Mike Varley wrote:
> we are seeing an snmptable command respond with question
> marks ('?') as the result for some of the column entries; and I am
> wondering if this is normal behaviour if net-snmp encounters an error
> while trying to interpret a response.

Not an error as such, but it's the way snmptable displays "gaps" in a table,
where a particular row is missing one or more column values.

> id num ip
> 095 1
> DE8 ? ?

I'm not exactly sure what the indexing for this table is, but assuming
it's the 'id' field,
what does a GETNEXT request for
id.095 num.095 ip.095

(Obviously, replace this with the correct column names and index value
for the row immediately before the first '?' one).

> also, we've noticed that when the '?' appears, the row is actually
> repeated over and over again (sometimes thousands of times!) as if the
> bulk-get gets stuck retreiving the same index over and over again.

That sounds as if one particular column is returning thousands of
intervening values,
before the next "complete" row.

> Is this expected if the MIB-code is returning erroneous data?

It might occur if the MIB-code is returning inconsistent data - e.g.
if the table is changing while it's being retrieved. How are you
implementing the table? Which helper? Is the table data cached at
all, or is it retrieved afresh for each separate request?


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