Appologies if this is the wrong list to ask, but I am currently chasing
a bug where we are seeing an snmptable command respond with question
marks ('?') as the result for some of the column entries; and I am
wondering if this is normal behaviour if net-snmp encounters an error
while trying to interpret a response.

snmptable -c public -Os -Cl localhost mytable -Co

id num ip
091 1
201 1
76E 1
118 1
286 1
078 1
095 1
DE8 ? ?
9D8 1

also, we've noticed that when the '?' appears, the row is actually
repeated over and over again (sometimes thousands of times!) as if the
bulk-get gets stuck retreiving the same index over and over again.

Has anyone seen behaviour like this before?

Is this expected if the MIB-code is returning erroneous data?

Thanks for any input you can provide.


Mike Varley -= SOMA Networks =- 416-348-1578

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