On 31/08/06, Zhang Chuan wrote:
> 1.if rowStatus is CreateAndGot(4), the "case MODE_SET_COMMIT:" will not be
> executed? if CreateAndWait(5), it will be executed?

COMMIT should be run for *any* (successful) SET request.

> What is difference between them?

c&Go makes the new row "active" immediately.
c&Wait does not.

What this actually means in practise is dependent on the particular
table you're implementing. But in terms of row creation, the
procedure is basically identical. The only difference is typically an
internal flag.

> 2.Why I can not use "netsnmp_extract_iterator_context" to
> get a avaiable table_entry when the rowStatus is CreateAndWait(5)?

It sounds as if there's a bug earlier in the processing.
What does the code for actually creating the new row structure look like?
Is this different for c&Go vs c&Wait?


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