Frank wrote:
> i have a freebsd 6.1 SMP amd64 box running net-snmp 5.3.1 that i'm polling
> with OpenNMS. when trying to poll this box, i get this error:

> it was reported in bug:
> and looks like it might be related to bug:
> is there a fix for this problem? i can't tell if 5.3.1 was supposed to
> resolve it since that bug is closed. please let me know if you need any
> other information.

Yes, this bug is believed to have been fixed before 5.3.1 (both bugs
mentioned above are against older net-snmp versions). Can you retest
with latest 5.3.x CVS ( and
report back, please? If you still see this, can you capture the
on-the-wire packet(s) that is/are triggering the OpenNMS error?


Thomas Anders (thomas.anders at

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