Len Sorensen wrote:
> It seems pretty obvious from the above, that because everything is
> processed in the order the config is read, the trap2sink connection is
> configured before clientaddr is even added to the default store, which
> means it doesn't bind to the clientaddr since it isn't configured yet
> when the check is made.

Can you please file a bug on SF (http://www.net-snmp.org/bugs) with all
the details so it won't get lost?

> To fix this bug, somehow clientaddr has to be processed before
> trap2sink, which I can't figure out to do

You can try changing the call

netsnmp_ds_register_config(ASN_OCTET_STR, "snmp", "clientaddr", ...)

in snmplib/snmp_api.c to

netsnmp_ds_register_premib(ASN_OCTET_STR, "snmp", "clientaddr", ...)

and see if it helps any.


Thomas Anders (thomas.anders at blue-cable.de)

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