On 30/08/06, Jayaprakasha Guddenahalli Naganna wrote:
> My whole idea depends on using same call back function (var_*) to
> retrieve data for multiple instances. Because of mib instances will be
> created dynamically I can't keep different var_* functions. Only
> registration can be done dynamically on same oid along with different
> context (Instance ID).

Then I suggest you investigate the newer v5 API, which can support this.

Alternatively, if you have control over the MIB structure - perhaps
this information would be better defined as a table rather than
individual scalar objects? Use a table index to distinguish between
multiple instances of the same basic measurement, rather than

> To achieve this what I am thinking is to drag the context (Instance ID)
> sent by master agent to subagent up to var_* functions and use that for
> retrieving values.

You have the source, so can do whatever you like with it.
We have provided a new mechanism that will support what you are trying
to do (without breaking existing v4-API modules). So our advice
would be to use that.

But if you prefer to change the old API in your private code, then
feel free - no-one is going to try to stop you.


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