On 29/08/06, Jayaprakasha Guddenahalli Naganna wrote:
> I am able to register same oid twice with different context and single
> (same) callback function (var_*) from one agentx subagent.

That's the purpose of the context field.

> By using the above technique can I support multiple instance of same OID =

> passing context name .....


> ..... to "var_ipForwardSingle" function=85?

Probably not.
That sounds as if you're using the older v4 UCD-style module API.
I don't believe that API supports the use of contexts.

Have a look at the newer v5 handler-based modules. That API should
support non-default contexts, *without* needing to change the API
itself (which would not be acceptable).

> Will this be an efficient and valid solution with respect to all
> circumstances? Is there any drawback with above solution?

There is no way that we would contemplate changing an established API.
But the newer v5 approach should support this OK.


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