On 28/08/06, Robert Story wrote:

> > > Do you have a minimum template for a platform where we don't have
> > > a HAL implementation for yet? Shouldn't we have a "generic" file
> > > that applies for "other" platforms and just returns nothing

> >
> > Yup.

> Shouldn't it actually be an error at configure time?

An architecture that doesn't (yet) support the CPU HAL should still be
able to build the basic agent, etc. It's just the CPU-related
modules that won't work - everything else should be fine.

> BTW, is this a new module, or a rewrite replacing an existing module?

The CPU HAL module is (basically) new.
The 'ucd-snmp/vmstat' and 'host/hr_proc' modules that use this
mechanism are replacements.

> A rewrite that silently 'returns nothing' when there is existing, working
> code for the module would be a bad thing.

That's why I've spent a fair bit of time writing versions of the CPU
HAL module for *all* of the current vmstat_* architectures. Take a
look. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on this work.

I'm not in a position to actually test all of these systems, so there
may well be minor syntax errors, etc waiting in the wings. But I'm
reasonably confident that the code is basically correct as per the
appropriate documentation.

I realise that the latest 'hardware/cpu.h' file doesn't activate all
of these architectures, but that shouldn't be too difficult to fix.
Wes has spent the last umpteen years nagging at me to get stuff
committed earlier rather than later. And I'm (finally!) taking some
notice of him :-)


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