>>>>> "DS" == Dave Shield writes:

DS> The library version for release 5.4 should be 540.

holy cow batman, that number is larger than can fit in a char!

One of the reasons I think that +10 is too large is that I'm just not
comfortable increasing our library version number on that fast of a
pace. I don't know what OS support exists for large numbered libraries
and we're aiming to be portable. Thus I'm wary of doing anything
grand unless we need it, and I honestly don't think we do.

As an example, in my /usr/lib on my linux device the largest numbered
library is libgsf (a gnome lib) at 113. Jumping to 540 would put us
way above that and I really don't want to be the fore-runner of
library versioning.

Before that, this is the list of numbers in my /usr/lib. The first
number is a count, the second is the ending version suffix:

10 10
7 11
7 12
1 14
4 15
2 16
1 17
1 18
1 20
2 21
1 23
4 24
1 25
1 27
2 32
7 34
1 37
1 49
1 50
2 51
1 62

As you can see high numbers are simply not the norm. I'd rather not
jump to the front of that list.
Wes Hardaker
Sparta, Inc.

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