Dave Shield wrote:
> On 17/08/06, Robert Story wrote:
>> And I'm still waiting for comments from Thomas and Dave, and anyone
>> else who has an opinion.

> OK - I'm going to be slightly naughty, and propose a completely new
> numbering scheme.
> The library version for release 5.4 should be 540.

= !

I'm not too eager at being awarded a price for the most ill-versioned library.

Back to the original query, I (still) think that 1 should be enough. If we ever
need more (tempting to break backward compat between releases for a second time
in a branch), let's close the branch (or our shop altogether ;-)). Remember, we
are expected to never ever do that at all! And remember, not too long ago we've
been shipping with a soname of libnetsnmp*.so.5 for the whole of 5.x!


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