On 17/08/06, Robert Story wrote:
> And I'm still waiting for comments from Thomas and Dave, and anyone
> else who has an opinion.

OK - I'm going to be slightly naughty, and propose a completely new
numbering scheme.

The library version for release 5.4 should be 540.
That would:
a) allow us to increase the version with every minor release
(if necessary)
b) restore a clear connection between release versions and library versions

I wouldn't expect the library version number to change unless there
*was* a change in the API (so it ought to remain as 540 throughout the
whole 5.4.x branch). But it would keep our options open.

I now intend to retire to bed, to avoid the inevitable backlash.....
(It is fast approaching tomorrow, after all - and I'm not as young as
I used to be. Has anybody seen my pipe & slippers?)


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