On Thu, 17 Aug 2006 14:07:02 -0700 Wes wrote:
WH> >>>>> "TA" == Thomas Anders writes:
WH> Robert> So, what I proposed is that we leave a little wiggle room in
WH> Robert> the versioning. [...]
WH> TA> Since 5.4 is approaching, we finally need to come up with a
WH> TA> decision on this. Any further comments?
WH> I'm very against huge wiggle room. I'd suffer for increasing it by
WH> one. However, I'd argue we shouldn't be applying patches that break
WH> backwards stuff in the branches anyway and thus we could NOT do the
WH> above just to force ourselves not to ;-)

And I'll argue that 1 is a bit short-sighted, especially since we keep getting
bit by 64-bit bugs. Since we do appear to be closing branches more quickly, I
suppose 10 may be excessive. I'll suffer for only increasing by one, but will
ask for anything more... 5? 3? 2?

And I'm still waiting for comments from Thomas and Dave, and anyone else who
has an opinion.

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