Wes Hardaker wrote:
>>>>>> "TA" == Thomas Anders writes:

> TA> The name of the additional header file is probably the last thing
> TA> I'd object against if we solved the issue in question. Let's agree
> TA> on splitting the two first.
> That's ok I'll object then. I object to using config.h. Lets make
> the name more clear about what it contains, and config.h is
> ambiguous.
> Now that this is out of the way I can safely say: oh boy. I don't
> think splitting will be fun, and certainly will bring about problems.
> Thus if you want to do it before 5.4 then it needs to be done
> immediately as 5.4 is looming and no we're not going to delay 5.4 for
> it (we don't delay releases for major changes any longer).

No problem. But since CVS sucks for renaming, let's agree on the name of the
internal header file first, then. :-)

Then, I'd start with putting PACKAGE_* into the internal header file and work
from there. Suggestions for additional entries are most welcome.


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