Hi Thomas,

This issue should be sent to net-snmp-coders@lists.sourceforge.net where others
with SGI experience might be able to help better...copying response there.

This is a very odd error...somehow newSVuv() looks as if it is returning
something of type 'int'

I don't get any warning about this on any architecture that I have tried...

if I pump out the preprocessed output like this...

gcc -c -g -O2 -Dlinux -I/usr/include/rpm -D_REENTRANT -D_GNU_SOURCE
-fno-strict-aliasing -pipe -I/usr/local/include -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE
-D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -I/usr/include/gdbm
-I/usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/i386-linux-thread-multi/CORE -I. -I/usr/local/include
-D_REENTRANT -D_GNU_SOURCE -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe -I/usr/local/include
-D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -I/usr/include/gdbm -O2 -g -pipe
-Wall -Wp,-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -fexceptions -fstack-protector
--param=ssp-buffer-size=4 -m32 -march=i386 -mtune=generic
-fasynchronous-unwind-tables -DVERSION=\"5.4.dev\" -DXS_VERSION=\"5.4.dev\"
-fPIC "-I/usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/i386-linux-thread-multi/CORE" -E SNMP.c | less

the relevant line turns into this...still hard to see anything of type 'int'
would come from 'Perl_newSVuv':

Perl_av_push(((PerlInterpreter *)pthread_getspecific((*Perl_Gthr_key_ptr(((void
*)0))))), traplist,Perl_newSVuv(((PerlInterpreter
*)pthread_getspecific((*Perl_Gthr_key_ptr(((void *)0))))), pdu->time));

if you can get this for your compiler and environment it might reveal something...

in perl.h there is something interesting about SGI already having 'sv'
defined...but its fixed my translating 'sv' to 'perl_sv'

/* SGI's has struct sv */
#if defined(UTS) || defined(__sgi)
# define STRUCT_SV perl_sv
# define STRUCT_SV sv
typedef struct STRUCT_SV SV;

so....not much help...all above with perl 5.8.8 and latest net-snmp perl module
on i386 FC5.


Thomas Anders wrote:
> Joe, Wes,
> there's an interesting compile error on IRIX in perl/SNMP/SNMP.c (in
> net-snmp 5.3.x CVS) with the SGI C compiler:
> cc-1164 cc: ERROR File = SNMP.xs, Line = 1331
> Argument of type "int" is incompatible with parameter of type "SV *".
> av_push(traplist, newSVuv(pdu->time));
> Other compilers are obviously only warning about the fact, but are not
> treating it fatal. Still, I'm not familiar enough with the XS code to
> fix it myself. Your feedback is appreciated.
> +Thomas
> PS. Sent from my company address since the Blue-Cable mailservers are
> currently SpamCop-listed. Delisting in progress. I may also not get list
> email due to this, so please forward important -admin messages to my
> company address.

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