chen jacky wrote:
> :I am using RedHat ES 4, and I've installed net-snmp 5.12. When I try to
> run a program, it got the following error message:
> [root@hosta libexec]# ./check_snap_disk_snmp -H -C 1 -c 80
> -w 90
> Undefined subroutine &SNMP::initMib called at ./check_snap_disk_snmp
> line 98.
> :I have no idea where is initMib, then I search at, it seems
> that only SNMP-4.2.0 has this function. When I try to install SNMP
> 4.2.0, I also failed to install it.

You should install the perl modules that come with the version of
net-snmp you've installed. If you've installed manually, "./configure
--with-perl-modules" will do what you want. If this was a RedHat
package, there should also be a corresponding package for the perl modules.


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