On 28.04.06 Wes Hardaker (hardaker@users.sourceforge.net) wrote:
> >>>>> On Sat, 22 Apr 2006 11:35:10 +0200, Hilmar Preusse said:

> Hilmar> The "net-snmp-admin PGP key" has expired:
> Hilmar> hille@kloetzer:~ $ gpg --list-keys 7800FEAC
> Hilmar> pub 1024D/7800FEAC 2003-01-15 [expired: 2006-01-14]
> Hilmar> uid Net-SNMP Administrators
> There is a newer one that has been in use for a while...
> pub 1024D/FFEF09D7

Sorry! I just noticed that the January net-snmp release is still
signed with the old one.


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