I have not received a response, so let me try this
again. To summarize, when a user attempts to access
an OID (GET/SET) that is not in view as determined by
VACM, the response PDU should have noAccess as the
error-status. I am receiving notWritable. I think
this is an easy bug fix, but want to make sure I am
not misinterpreting the RFC.


--- rwilcox wrote:

> Hello,
> If VACM determines that a particular SET operation
> is in error(anything but VACM_SUCCESS), what should
> the response-pdu's error-status be? I am reading
> 3416 p. 19 Section 1 which seems to suggest that
> noAccess should be the error-status. However, I am
> receiving notWritable. The deciding function seems
> to
> be snmp_agent.c/netsnmp_create_subtree_cache. On a
> set, if VACM does not succeed, it returns
> I was going to submit a bug, but wondering if I
> missed something or have something setup wrong. Is
> this behavior correct?
> My snmpd.conf:
> createUser ReadOnly MD5 setup_passphrase DES
> group MyROGroup usm ReadOnly
> # Group cntxt model level match R W
> notif
> access MyROGroup "" any noauth exact all none
> none
> Robert

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