On Mon, 24 Apr 2006 13:15:44 -0600 V wrote:
VZ> > VZ> compiling of net-snmp 5.1.4 on Unixware 7.1.1 fails with the
VZ> > VZ> following error:

I should have mentioned this earlier, but you are much more likely to have
success with a more recent release, like 5.3.x. The 5.1.x branch was recently
declared EOL (end-of-life).

VZ> Thanks for the reply.
VZ> I figured this part out, stock SCO make does not work properly, I had
VZ> to install gmake.

ah, ok, good to know.

VZ> Now build fails with the following error:
VZ> ===========================
VZ> UX:acomp: ERROR: "snmp-tc.c", line 169: undefined struct/union member:
VZ> tm_gmtoff UX:acomp: WARNING: "snmp-tc.c", line 173: improper member use:
VZ> ===========================
VZ> As I'm not a developer, please excuse my ignorance, but I simply
VZ> commented that line out.

ok. If that doesn't cause a like error later, you are good to go.

VZ> The build failed again little later with the error
VZ> ======================================
VZ> UX:acomp: ERROR: "mibII/at.c", line 559: incomplete struct/union/enum
VZ> arptab: sizeof()
VZ> =============================
VZ> Well, this is way above my head. Does anybody have any idea how to fix it?

Yeah, you're gonna need someone with access to a unixware machine, and
possibly a little system-specific knowledge, to fix this. Again, I'd really
recommend you try 5.3.x.

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