The following web page depicts the rough release schedules of the
upcoming net-snmp releases. We've decided to simultaneously release a
number of quick older releases that are functionally finished and have
been just "hanging" around. Specifically, 5.0.11 and 4.2.7 are
extremely old but we are going to make one final snapshot of those
branches before declaring them "end of line". Since we don't expect
to be doing any more development on those (bug fixes included), we'll
be using very short release schedules for them.

The schedule is housed at:

Note that the 4.2.7 dates were made up by me, and not Dave, which
means they're certainly subject to modification by him. Only major
show-stopping bugs are likely to be fixed in the older two releases.

Please let us know of any potential issues with this proposed
timeline. Note: dates are "likely" and not "committed to" ....

Wes Hardaker
Sparta, Inc.

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