>>>>> On Tue, 11 Apr 2006 10:11:39 +0530, "M.Daulat Rai" said:

M> I don't know if this belongs in the users list or the coders, since
M> the problem I am having is with "coding" I am sending to the coders
M> list..

Either is ok. Technically it should be users list, since you're
writing your own stuff. -coders is for people working on the package
in some way. But we're fairly flexible as long as you don't send it
to both list!

M> When I try to replicate the above programmatically using MS VC++, I get an
M> "Error generating Ku from authentication
M> pass phrase".

You need to step through the generate_Ku function with a debugger and
figure out where it's returning and what the error condition was...
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