>>>>> On Thu, 20 Apr 2006 23:35:09 -0700, "M.Daulat Rai" said:

M> I finally figured out why my call to generate_ku for authPriv
M> is failing:

Um... I'm confused by the question.

generate_ku takes a hashing algorithm as an argument and uses *that*
to generate a key which can then be used for either the authentication
key or the encryption key (or both). You can't generate keys using an
encryption algorithm....

Example: lets say you have a user "fred" with SHA1 and AES protocols
defined for that user. The authentication key is calculated using
SHA1 of a pass-phrase, and the AES key is calculated using SHA1 of a
potentially different pass-phrase. They key is then used by AES to
actually do the encryption.
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