Hi all,

I am develloping a MIB module, using mib2c and I got, after about 1000
to 10000 requests V2c (snmpwalk & snmpget) a crash 'core dump' of
Net-Snmp deamon; snmpd.

I Check my code and generated one, but there is one strange thing : it
always stop in sess_read, whatever is the request :

#2 0x3016bd4c in _sess_read (sessp=3D0x301a000c, fdset=3D0x10077c18) at
#3 0x3016c94c in snmp_sess_read (sessp=3D0x10206b20, fdset=3D0x10077c18)
at snmp_api.c:5760
#4 0x3016ca44 in snmp_read (fdset=3D0x10206b20) at snmp_api.c:5345
#5 0x10004348 in main (argc=3D5742, argv=3D0x301ba430) at snmpd.c:1171

Is someone has any clue ?

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