On 19.04.06 Jochen Friedrich (jochen@scram.de) wrote:

Hi Jochen,

> > The default value of the sysObjectID is ., which
> > is not a valuable information. I've compared it to an how grown net
> > snmp 5.0.6, which give out on that OID the value
> > . (where xx is one of the numbers 1-13
> > depending on which OS it is running). I'm attaching the Net SNMP
> > Textual conventions for reference.

> do you have an idea if this TC got updated in the meantime?

Yes. It is contined in the net-snmp tar ball ;-).

> netbsd is on version 3 in the meantime (TC mentions netbsd1) and
> hurd is missing completely. However, both platforms might run
> Debian in some way.

Both not contained in the new MIB. However I've seen only "netbsd"
(independent on the version).

> So should we go for linux and unknown as platform? Or always
> unknown?

I've upstream in Cc. Ask them for either updating the MIB or go for

sigmentation fault

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