On Thu, 6 Apr 2006 11:09:41 +0100 Oscar, VF UK wrote:
AOVU> Hi I'm using Net-SNMP v 5.1.2 on RedHat RHEL4 and I've experienced the
AOVU> following problem:
AOVU> I have defined a timer in a Net-SNMP agentx subagent using the
AOVU> snmp_alarm_register that works well if the master agent is running. The
AOVU> problem is that if I restart the master agent, the timer in the subagent
AOVU> stops working, that is the callback function is not called any more.

Have you tried a more recent release?

I'm guessing that the sub-agent main loop is only doing timer processing after
receiving data from the master agent. It should be doing it after timeouts as
well. What does your sub-agent main loop look like?

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