On Sun, 9 Apr 2006 22:05:17 +1000 (EST) Elisabeth wrote:
EG> I need to configure snmpd in runtime through
EG> non-snmp socket.
EG> Everything seems to be fine but impossibility to
EG> delete
EG> entries. Let's say we want to delete some trapsink
EG> entry, that we had inserted before. The problem is:
EG> the "configuration language" doesn't contain
EG> sentences of type "no".
EG> Are there any ideas?

You'll have to add a new API to delete entries.

EG> For example, I would delete trapsink entry
EG> from sinks array in the file agent_trap.c (I mean I
EG> would extend this file by new API function
EG> delete_trap_session). But as far as I see, this array
EG> actually is not used:
EG> with as actually API to use data base in
EG> snmpNotifyTable. Am I right?

Sort of. You should follow the code to see where the data for that table
actually comes from. It's all related.

EG> Now, it seems that I need or:
EG> a) to disable snmpNotifyTable by
EG> configure (--with-out-mib-moduls=notifications) or
EG> b) extend snmpNotifyTable with API to delete entry
EG> in this table by host name of trapsess.
EG> While I think, I am not abble to do b) I prefer a).
EG> Your opnion?

I think it would be a shame to lose functionality, particularly from standard
tables. The best be would be c) fix the notification tables to be read-write,
so entries could be added/deleted via SNMP.

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