On Tue, 11 Apr 2006 01:03:46 +0300 Erez (Erez) wrote:
ME(> System background:
ME(> ---------------------------------
ME(> - I'm using net-snmp version, on Linux, CPU i686.
ME(> - The net-snmp installation which has the problem,
ME(> was built&installed on a different computer (system), and was copied
ME(> ot my system on an arbitrary path.
ME(> I use environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH to control which shared
ME(> library are loaded.

Uggh. Moving precompiled binaries isn't recommended. Was it built on an
identically configured machine? Did you copy the libraries, or just the apps?

ME(> Quesitons:
ME(> ---------------
ME(> 1) Does '--with-libwrap' have any connection with this kind of error.
ME(> 2) If so, what does libwrap do?

libwrap is the API for the tcpwrappers code, which does access control based
on ip addresses and ports. It should not interfere with a master and sub-agent
running on the same host.

ME(> - I run the same sub-agent code on another installation of net-snmp,
ME(> where the main difference
ME(> in the configure setup is that it includes the '--with-libwrap'
ME(> directive,
ME(> and it works just fine (with the libwrap directive)

Did you also try that machine without libwrap? You should pick one machine to
test on, and build/run on that machine until everything works. And if you have
to copy things to another machine afterwards, make sure it is identically
configured. Otherwise you are just asking for trouble.

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