>>>>> On Mon, 6 Mar 2006 17:37:11 -0600, "David Hill" said:

David> 1. Can I launch 1 snmpd as the "master agent" (snmpd.conf
David> as master agent) and another snmpd as a sub-agent ( with -X
David> argument) and reading snmpdx.conf directly with the PROC, LOAD,
David> DISK, FILE turned on and have this all work without any extra
David> coding?

Yes. The configuration may be a bit complex, but it won't require any
code. You'll need to make use of the -I switch as well though to turn
on some modules in the subagent, and to turn off modules in the master.

David> 2. Can you use snmpd to do both this functions and is there a good
David> writeup somewhere on how to do it, in case I'm missing something in my
David> configuration and snmpd startups?

There isn't a great set of documentation on how to do it. The
important part is you need to:

1) configure the master agent to *not* do one of the mib modules. Run
snmpd with -f -Le -Dmib_init and watch the output. That lists a
bunch of tokens that you need to decide which you want to run in
the sub agent and which in the master. Pick an example, say "proc"
which is for process monitoring. Run the master agent with "-I
-proc" and the subagent with "-I proc".

2) separate the configuration of the two. Run the master agent as
normal, but have the sub-agent read from a different set of
directories for configuration (use the SNMPCONFPATH env variable to
control that).

David> 3 Seems that snmpd can be used as a AgentX sub-agent, but it's
David> has very limitted functionality as is.

Nope, it should work just fine as a sub-agent.

Now.... you also said "disman" at one point. The disman/event-mib
monitoring *must* run in the master agent if you want it to be able to
monitor the sub-agents. It will not work at all in the subagent.

Wes Hardaker
Sparta, Inc.

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