Hi there,

cause by an update to a newere Version of Samba I seem to have broken a
running System

Anyway, what I have now ist Samba 3.0.23c and kerberos 1.3.6.

Everything works as expected (e.g. net ads testjoin), but the most important
thing which is authentication via kerberos tickets does not work anymore.

When trying to access a samba share al I get is the following:

[2007/05/22 17:29:12, 3] libads/kerberos_verify.c:ads_secrets_verify_ticket(261)
ads_secrets_verify_ticket: enc type [23] failed to decrypt with error Decryptintegrity check failed
[2007/05/22 17:29:12, 3] libads/kerberos_verify.c:ads_verify_ticket(399)
krb5_rd_req with auth failed (Success)

When i try to access the Server via \\ everything works as
expected, tus I consider this a Kerberos Problem almost certainly.

Deleting the machine from AD and rejoining it did not work. I suspect that
the machine did not get deleted correctly from AD, but how may I prove this?

Any hints?


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