I have a mistake with samba on two new linux boxes (Mandriva 2007 and
samba server 3.0.23d)

I want a service called pchome with a directory name based on the
netbios name of the PC.
So, i write the following section :
comment = PC Directories
path = /home/PC/%m
public = no
writable = yes

And, before, i create the directory on the server (i.e. /home/PC/my_pc).

Sometimes, this works fine but another times this failed and i have the
following error message in logs :
'/home/PC/' does not exist or permission denied when
connecting to [pchome]. Error was No such file or directory. is the IP number of the client which try to connect. And,
it's true, this doesn't match an existing directory because i wait for
the netbios name of the client.

So, when all is ok, i find in logs :
my_pc ( connect to service pchome...

It seems that, some times, the server got the IP number of the client in
place of the netbios name.

Is-it a bug (I never see that on other older linux boxes) ?
How to solve ?

Regards (and sorry for my poor english speaking !).

Thierry LABBE
INRA - Site ForÍt - Bois
69 Route d'Arcachon
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