Bruce Coryell wrote:

> Still trying to get a smooth network connection between Linux (CentOS
> 4.3) and Windows (XP,SP2) boxes via Samba:
> Progress so far:
> 1. Both boxes can ping with both static addresses and host names, so
> the network is working and the boxes can see and recognize each other.
> 2. I can access the shares on the Windows box with the Linux box,
> login to the Windows box works perfectly.
> 3. On the Windows box, I can see both hosts in the Workgroup Computers
> screen. The Linux box shows the contents of the Server String line in
> the /etc/smb.conf file perfectly.
> 4. The printer is attached to the Windows box and the Linux box can
> print to it via CUPS.
> Now here's the problem: On the Windows machine, if I try to log in to
> the Linux box on the Windows machine the following appears (Host4 = the
> Linux box):
> \\Host4 is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this
> network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out
> if you have access permissions.
> The network path was not found.
> An example of how I have a share configured in the /etc/smb.conf file on
> the Linux box is as follows:
> [home]
> path = /home
> writeable = yes
> guest ok = yes
> browseable = yes
> Any ideas what's missing here?

First, you need smbpasswd and supply winusernames
password, invoked as root. must also exist in /etc/passwd at
least, so linux can assign a uid. is the logon you use to
logon to windows.
Another often forgotten issue, samba does not overrule linux filesystem
permissions - so if /home has no acccess permissions for you
won't get connected. I rather would try with "path = /home/%U" instead but
make sure that one (%U == $winusername) does exist.
Consider trying "smbclient //localhost/home -d 3" when logged on with your
$winusername, or "smbclient //localhost/home -U $winusername -d 3" as root.
You should post the global part of your smb.conf as well.
Btw. I do not listen to at.os.linux.redhat, and it is a samba problem, so I
change followup-to: to comp.protocols.smb.
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