Hi all, I hope this group can help me.

I want to change the way my current samba server interacts with my
coworkers' workstations. Currently, they log in to the Samba server
acting as a PDC and get access to shares based on that log in, either
by browsng to them in Explorer or using a mapped network drive. But the
authentication part takes place when they log in through the samba PDC.

I want to disable the PDC functionality and make each user log on to their
local machine, and then provide credentials individually when they try to
access a share on the samba server.

(Sure, this sounds less managable, but there are only two people using the

In any case, I have some questions about profiles:

* If I just change the profile of userA from roaming to local, will they
still need to log in to the Samba PDC? I ask this because I know that
Windows user accounts are NETWORK/Username -- that is, they have a
"network" component.

In essence, my question is:

* If UserA logs in as LOCAMACHINE/UserA, how can I easily get him to
use his locally cached profile from SAMBAPDC/UserA?

* Do I have to "Copy Profile" or can I just change the profile type to
"Local Profile"?

Thanks! I hope y'alls understand what I'm getting at here.


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