Hi Group,

I'm sorry for the cross-post, but the original post was to
microsoft.public.hardware, which does not exist any more.
Besides that, alt.iomega is pathetically small. Above that, I'm
not sure if this problem is hardware or software related.

Kaaiman wrote:
> Hello,
> I have recently bought an Iomega Network Hard Drive (250Gb - only
> ethernet connection) which I coupled to my Netgear wireless router
> (WGR614v5). It all worked pretty fine in the beginning (for one month),
> but now when I try to access the drive it seems empty, and the size is
> only 6MB, while I have 80Gb of photo's and pics stored on it!
> I will bring it back to Iomega as it still is under warrenty, but is
> there a way to recover the data first, before I have to return it??
> I tried some software I found on the internet, but they don't recognize
> a network hard drive (only local ones, or hdd connected via usb). Does
> anyone have any suggestions to recover the data??
> All PCs connected to the router are all WinXP.
> Thanks.

I have exactly the same problem and I am curious if somebody can
shed some light on this. Maybe the original author?

My setup (when this happened):
Linux 2.2.12 (RedHat 6.1)
Samba 2.0.5a
smbmount 2.0.5a

Meanwhile I upgraded to:
Samba 2.0.7
smbmount 2.0.7

Also, I scanned the network disk itself, and found:
Linux 2.4.0
Samba 2.2.7a

I already contacted Iomega about this, but all they had to say
is: format the disk and start again. But I can't accept this
What if it happens again? I need to know the cause of the
problem first.

I also searched the groups, and I found at least two interesting
posts about people who mounted a samba share from a Windows
computer, then mounted the same share with smbmount.
Then they copied files (within Linux) to the share, went back to
their Windows machines, checked out the files and they were gone
on both the Windows and the Linux box!

These posts were *not* about the Iomega Network HDD, but they
led me to believe that maybe this is a SMB issue in general.