Using Samba 3.0.14a, which specifies in the "net user help" information that
a user can be added via the "net user add" command

net [] user ADD [password] [-c container] [-F user flags]
[misc. options] [targets]

However, when I try this, it only works if the [password] is *not*
specified.. If the password is specified, the get the error message "User
must be specified" and the usage display.

I have isolated it to a line of code in function rpc_user_add_internals in
module utils/net_rpc.c, as follows

if (argc != 1) {
d_printf("User must be specified\n");
rpc_user_usage(argc, argv);
return NT_STATUS_OK;

So is this a bug or is the net help text inaccurate?

By the way, I using neither LDAP nor ADS, and so I actually use the "net
rpc" variation of the net commands.