I upgraded a PDC from Samba 2 to Samba 3 (Suse 10.0 RPM).
Clients are Windows XP Professional, Windows 98 and
Windows 2000 Professional.
Upgrading wasn't a pain, testparm complained only
about missing parameter for the passwd program.

The problem i have is, that the Windows 98 Clients
have a (for me) strange problem.
If the users access a share, they (sometimes) don't get
a complete list of files/directories available on the
share in the Windows explorer view. If they hit F5 to refresh
the view some time later, the "missing" files/directories
are visible again.
If the user created (before) a link on the Windows 98 machine to a file
in a directory, which isn't visible at the moment, the link works,
so this would mean IMO the browsing of a directory doesn't work
like expected.
This problem is only visible at the Windows 98 clients, all
other Windows versions don't have this problem.

Please help me to solve this problem, possibly i haven't set
an option which could be useful.
If you need more informations regarding the configuration please
tell me which information is needed.