i installed samba with openldap support and all works fine ...

I used scripts called smbldap_passwd (from idealx) to change the
password of users on the linux server.

I modified the parameter of the file smbldap.conf "hash_encrypt" to
PLAINTEXT (I know it's dangerous but it's just for test).

When i change the user's password with the command smblda_password ,
the encrpytion's format is good for the 3 following passwords :
sambalmpassword,sambantpassword and userPassword.So the userPassword 's
is PLAINTEXT. All is good.

But when a user change his password under windows XP or 2000
(ctrl-alt-sup + change password), it's ok but the userpassword 's
format has changed .The format is SMD5 and not plaintext.

what configuration'file i have to change to keep format plaintext when
a user
change his password under windows xp/2000?

Thanks for your help