So, I've got a few old Samba servers on Fedora Core 2 running LDAP on an old
domain I'm migrating to a new company where they use Active Directory. So
far, so good. I do see a listing for the old domain in the "Network
Neighborhood", but can't browse that old domain. That's fine, we can use the
hostnames and mount the shares that way. They used LDAP for authentication
on the back end, and everything important still works until I can migrate
them to the new domain.

A new Fedora Core 4, and test RHAS box, plugged into that network and told
to use the new domain and to authenticate against the Active Directory
server can be seen and mountef from Win2000, Win2000 server, and WinXP. But
the new FC4 or RHAS machines cannot be accessed from a Win2003 server box.
Has anyone seen this before, or have some good hints where I should be
looking for trouble? It doesn't matter if the boxes use my old Samba servers
for user authentication, or the new Active Directory controller: Windows
2003 systems find it impossible to mount shares from the Samba servers.

And if anyone has a good hint on getting the Samba shares to show up in the
Network Neighborhood, I'd appreciate it. I seem to be the one most concerned
about Samba not providing features and behavior that the Windows users are
used to, and this used to work well in the old domain where Samba was the
PDC and the master browser.