we use Samba for many years now with Windows {95,98,2k} without any
problems so far. Last week we got the first computer running XP Pro SP2 any
we are experiencing strange problems.

We use a software called Bookhit for merchandise management (I looked that
word up in dict.leo.org ;-) which is a file based database application and
accesses the files on the Samba server. It run's on 5 PCs.

When Bookhit crashes on the new XP Pro SP2 PC (which sometimes happens) I
have to stop and start the Samba daemons to being able to start Bookhit
again on this computer. If I don't do this then I got an error message
which says that there are too many workstations in use. That seems to be an
indication that some files seem to remain open on the server when Bookhit

We don't have these problems with Windows servers and we don't have it with
Samba servers and non XP clients.

In google I found out that Samba 2.x has problems working with XP Pro SP2.
Could that be one of the problems? Might upgrading to Samba 3.x help?

Do you have any other ideas what this could be?

Thank you!