Hi. I'm looking for some kind of Windows-based tool that will try connecting to a remote computer over NetBIOS and list computer
name, shares, etc. The kicker is, i want it to try NetBIOS over NetBEUI and then try NetBIOS over TCP/IP separately.

Some of the PCs might be set up to answer on NetBEUI and some might only have NBT. Some have both. Some might have both set up
differently. I'm trying to diagnose these issues, but most of the tools i've seen seem to try SMB over all available protocols. I
want to force each individual protocol and have it tell me the results for each. Or, to see if the LAN might not be passing

I'd also like to be able to audit name resolution. I have a situation where only some computers can resolve each other's names.
Would be nice to have a tool that could try resolving via broadcast, resolving via WINS, etc, and tell me which ones clicked.

I've tried LanSpy and liked it. Is there any way to get it to do what i'm suggesting? I havent explored all its features yet.