Hi everyone,

I am struggling to promote a samba 3.0.10 standalone server to a BDC,
because it cannot contact the PDC which is on a different subnet
connected via a VPN.

Having lost several days I believe this may be because Samba is
broadcasting WINS domain discovery requests on its local subnet, which
of course it not reaching the PDC as broadcasts are not sent across the
VPN. The PDC is contactable by ping, and I can map networking drives to
it using SMB.

I have tried editing the lmhosts file, but it has made no difference.
How can I specify the IP address of the domain controller, so the BDC
can connect directly instead of just broadcasting discovery requests?

Thank you very much in advance!

Here are the details:

PDC Hostname: MASTER

BDC Hostname: BACKUP

I have created the following lmhosts file, which is in the same
directory as the smb.conf file:

# Samba LMHOSTS file master master#20 companydomain#1b

How can I test this file is being used for resolution? I've read all the
docs on nmblookup without joy.

Samba version: 3.0.10
Server running on Mac OSX 10.3.9