I want to be alerted when an XP box finishes booting, so I can do other
work while I wait. Alas, the box is in a different domain.

I'm working with a WinXP box I've got on loan from a customer and I'm
rebooting it a lot. The box is in the customer's domain and I want to "net
send" to my own box once it's finished booting. Were it in the same domain,
I could just add an item in its startup folder to do this, like "net send
mymachine test box is up" (and use TweakUI to auto-login). (In fact, on
Linux, I use smbclient to do the same thing to tell me when my Linux server
is up.)

But when I do this with this box, it tells me that it can't find the name
on the network. It fails even if I use an IP address instead of a name.

So what can I do to work around this? Is there another program besides net
that can send directly to an IP address and ignores the domain
relationships, and that can be scripted to run from the startup folder?