When my lease time on an IP from the D-Link D504T router ran out the
IP's of most of the machines
changed such that I couldn't see any shares. I didn't really want to
use static IPs [I mean DHCP surely is a must for a 500 machine LAN ??]
in a LMHOSTS / HOSTS file. But it looks like I might have to now.
Can anyone tell me if this lease-expiry does mess other networks up or
is it just the way I have set my 2 subnet network up, please.
D-Link D504T router DHCP 4 ports.
first 3 ports go to Win-XP home machines subnet
fourth port to my Linux Mandrake 10.1 official machine.
off the Linux box eth0 is a static IP NIC x-over'd to

Can anyone give me some pointers on ensuring the lease-time won't cause
probs in future
if machines are booted in different order and IP is different.

Thank you.