I've got troubles with Samba 3.0.10 and Windows 2003 server.
Im trying to connect to a W2K3 server share using mount -t smbfs...,
but I end up with an SMB signing error. I've tried to enable signing
in smb.conf with no success. Im using kernel 2.4.29 with smbfs
compiled as a module.

When trying to connect to the share I also get:
session request to ---netbiosname--- failed (Called name not present)
I think this error is related to not supplying w2k3's exact netbios
address. I get
The server im trying to access is on another subnet so netbios naming
will probably not work. Therefore i set up the netbios name in
/etc/hosts. I get the same error if I try to connect to the server
using the ip-address.

Accessing windows xp shares works ok, so it must be a w2k3 issue.

Please help