Hi All -

I have scoured the net looking for info on this error msg. I am
somewhat of a newbie to linux so I appreciate your patience.

I have installed SuSe 9.2 on my laptop and I have setup a Samba Client
through Yast. Everything worked fine and it even joined my domain from
there and created a computer accoung on AD. I decided to also enable
Kerberos Auth. and that worked out fine too.

Problem is that eventhough I now get a list of users retrieved from
Active Directory to choose from on my Logon Box, I select my
administrative account or any other working account on my domain to
logon, and after entering my pass, I get the infamous Xsession Error

"Xsession: login for is disable"

I have seen some threads mentioning a possible problem with PAM. I have
tried modifying my pam configuration file with several suggestions out
there to no avail. There has got to be an easier approach to this I
may be missing due to my unfamiliarity with the OS and SAMBA.

It would be much appreciated if anyone can shed some light. I'm really
at a lost here and have sincerely read a lot on my own to try to
resolve this issue, but so far no luck.