Hey group, I need some help. And sorry for cross-posting

Ok, I just got a new printer, HP OfficeJet 5510, it's connected by USB to my
win2k box and shared. My linux box is running mandrake 10.1 with kernel and has samba-client-3.0.10-0.1.101mdk. I know samba works
because I can print to an hp 880 printer on the same win2k box. I can't
make it print to the OfficeJet, though.

I have installed the hpoj package, and if I connect the OfficeJet directly
to my mandrake box, everything works perfectly.

When I try print to the OfficeJet via smb, the job just shows as completed
in the queue on the linux box. On the windows box the job shows up in the
printers queue as "Remote Downlevel Document" and says printing, and just
sits there, does absolutely nothing. Two files appear in the
winnt\system32\spool\PRINTERS directory: 00002.shd and 00002.spl. I am
unable to delete the job from the windows queue using the gui, and I can't
directly delete 00002.spl from spool\PRINTERS as windows reports the file
is in use.

Nothing will print until I reboot the windows box to flush out the queue.
Anybody have any advice? Don't only suggest a linux print server, that's
not practical here without considerable trouble.