I am trying to set up samba on my suse 9.1 box with samba 3.0.4. And
trying to access it through a windows xp box (sp2). I have say users
joe on both boxes, the following smb.conf file allows access for any
user but joe. When i try to access it as joe from the xp box it just
keeps popping up the username/passwd window. Also when I access it as
someone else it doesnt even ask for a login and passwd.
Could some one explain why. I thought it should do the exact opposite

I want it to pop up a user/passwd dialog and authenticate every user
from the xp box for joe's passwd on the linux box.

# Global parameters
workgroup = NET
preload = global
encrypt passwords = Yes
username map = /etc/samba/users.map

comment = Generic
path = /data
read only = No

comment = User files
path = /home/joe
read only = No

The users.map file has the following --
joe = *
And I also exported the users from unix to the smbpasswd file using