Every morning when i want to connect to my smb (PDC) server from a
windows station i can't connect because the domain is unknown !

ping -> OK
ping -> not OK
nbtstat -A -> not OK

If i restart smb it's OK !

Os level in smb.conf is 99 !

I send you my log.nmbd

Packet send failed to ERRNO=Invalid argument
[2004/10/15 16:46:44, 3]
nmbd/nmbd_sendannounce.c:send_workgroup_announcement(19 4)
send_workgroup_announcement: on subnet for workgroup
[2004/10/15 16:46:44, 0] libsmb/nmblib.c:send_udp(756)
Packet send failed to ERRNO=Invalid argument
[2004/10/15 16:47:34, 2] nmbd/nmbd.c:reload_interfaces(247)
Deleting dead interface
[2004/10/15 16:47:34, 0] nmbd/nmbd.c:reload_interfaces(256)
reload_interfaces: No subnets to listen to. Shutting down...

Do you know this error ?

Thanks a lot.