The OpenAFS client implements an SMB/CIFS Server as a gateway between
Windows file operations and the AFS RX protocol operations.

In the source code there are mappings of AFS Cache Manager errors
to SMB/CIFS or Windows Status codes. In the src/WINNT/afsd/smb.c
file there are some values which are documented as SMB error values
for which I have no reference information. Does anybody have any
idea where these values came from or what they mean?


Mapping this to windows conventions would produce a error (0xC)
from facility 152 (0x098) which values of 8193, 8197, 8443, and
8447. However, these values do not make any sense and have no
equivalence in the winerror.h file.

Does anyone have any clue what these might be?


Jeffrey Altman
OpenAFS for Windows Gatekeeper

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