We have a mixed domain environment where a PC domain might be different from the user domain.
I'm using NTLM authentication with Apache.
In MSG1, I receive the PC domain name (DOM1)
In MSG3, I receive the user domain name (DOM2)
The problem is that the challenge is generated by the PC domain server
(from MSG1) so the authentication with the DOM2 server failed, so I should
be able to regenerate a new challenge with the DOM2 domain server when I
receive the user actual domain (in MSG3).
However, if I resent a MSG2 after receiving MSG3, IE (6.0) indicate that
the access to the site fails.
Is there any way to:
- Either resent a challenge after MSG3
- Or use the challenge from DOM1 server when authenticating the user with DOM2 server ?

When connecting to IIS (in the same network, with the same PC/User), the
authentication succeed, so there might be a way to use NTLM in such an


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